Monday, July 21, 2008

It's really that good.

In case you haven't heard enough praise for The Dark Knight, I'll add my voice to the chorus while I make plans to see it again in theaters. While Heath Ledger's performance is rightfully cast as magnificent (his portrayal of the Joker is hands down one of the absolute greatest on-screen villains of all time), the rest of the cast deserves its due as well, most notably Aaron Eckhart as the white-knight D.A. turned villain. Gary Oldman as well deserves praise for doing a lot with a relatively small role. Scott Foundas's review is worth reading; his comment that Chris Nolan "has one of the great procedural minds" among filmmakers today is well on the mark. That being said, (and Maggie Gylenehall aside,) it would have been great to see a stronger female presence in the film, and in the superhero genre in general.

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Anjana said...

I loved the movie too