Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hump Day Links

Despite all of Arnold's good intentions , the single state of California still uses more gas than any other country in the world. Reason no. 56 to stay in NY.

The Guardian on Karadzic's arrest

Jimmy Fallon's first few months as a late-nite host will be online, not on-air, to avoid an awkward transition. (?)

New York Mag's Cheap Eats list for 2008.

Lunch for vegetarians ( Wild Ginger is worth knowing too)

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Hennessy said...

I totally agree that The Dark Knight score was a perfect fit for the movie. It hit all the right moments without overshadowing them, and provided a really memorable superhero theme (best since Spider-Man?). Awesome. This is not responding to your post, of course, but I've got to put it SOMEWHERE.