Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Will all the recent talk of The Dark Knight dominating the box office in unprecedented ways (it breaks records! it cures cancer! Heath Ledger is agkuh*$lkb! (that's me I'm imitating)) it's easy to forget that fall is just around the corner, which of course means that TDK's competition for Oscar noms will be soon unveiling themselves.

It's easy to tell the studio movies that feel entitled to be put into the elusive "best picture" category: they feature A-list actors with some sort of British/Australian lineage and roll-out dates in between Thanksgiving and late December. One of these pics that has particularly piqued my interest is The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Cate Blanchett, check. December release date, check.)

The mostly wordless trailer makes it hard to predict if this movie is actually good or if it's just composed of pretty images. (It should be noted that this film is an adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald short story, which I have not read.) But it left me thinking it looked cool, eerie and somewhat imaginative. (It should be noted, though, that I'm a sucker for trailers in general.)

What do you guys think?


Elena said...

The reason you are feeling eerie is because of the song, which is actually part of Ennio Morricone's AMAZING score from "Days of Heaven." Paramount recycled for this trailer.

So beautiful, right?

Hae-Joon said...

Could be an interesting story but when I see Brad Pitt/hear his voice, I only think Brad Pitt. Kind of reminds me of a trailer I recently saw that looks horrible, The Time Traveler's Wife. Check it out.

Elena said...

i posted a comment before about how i lied about the soundtrack.

i think. i don't know anymore. I'm pretty sure i lied.

o well.

Sally said...

i love f. scott more than anything, esp. his short stories BUT this really isn't a good one and i think it is sort of a weird choice for a movie adaptation.