Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Favorite one(ish) dollar food items

When I scrounge around for quarters it's for a purpose:
Hit Cookies - $1.29

6 lemons or 6 limes - $1 at the produce store down the street

6 garlic bulbs - $1, same store (we love you Nam's)

Frozen fruit bar - $1 at the deli


Hae-Joon said...

$1.29 (a bit pricey) for Korean spicy ramen, better than the cheaper but gritty cup noodles or the horribly bland Top Ramen/Sapporo Ichiban varieties. I poached an egg in that baby and put some green onions in it. Almost a balanced meal!

p.s. 6 lemons/limes for $1? What a steal!

Elena said...

Hit cookies are all you really need in life.

Gilma said...

Coconut is my favorite frozen fruit bar flavor. I have to pay 2 bucks for them though; how unfair life can be.

Terence said...

Fruit bars, cookies, lemons, limes and garlic. These are the things I taunt small children with.

Sonali said...

i love hit cookies!! and frozen fruit bars...and, as usual, now i'm hungry...:P