Thursday, August 21, 2008

where you get them jeans

I have never been a big fan of GAP clothes. The fit is always a little bulky, the seams a little too generous, and everything just feels so...sturdy. So practical. I have yet to own an item from there that makes me feel feminine, fashionable, or unique. Their jeans can be ok, but for me, nothing earth-shattering.

I want to like GAP. Who doesn't love their commercials. So fun! So catchy! So many celebrity endorsements! And although I find myself always stopping in and pondering whether I need yet another gray t-shirt or badly shaped navy dress (you just can't take suburbia out of a girl, it seems) I'm inevitably disappointed.

So when the Style Section today included a piece on GAP's new fall lineup under the care of Patrick Robinson, I was intrigued. Perhaps, perhaps, they had found the right designer to unearth the store's potential.

While the style is too hobo-chic for my taste, he's definitely gotten the androgynous look down in a much more stylish and modern way than they ever have. And certain pieces of the collection, like the woman's blazer on top and the leather vest in the middle picture seem like potential keepers.

What do you guys think? Is he really the "megabrand messiah"?


Hennessy said...

As a heterosexual male, I have no idea who Patrick Robinson is or what his name means for The GAP. But I didn't mind the outfits - maybe it's time for a change from my usually striped ensemble? I'm scared, Kishori.

Also, "hobo-chic" is my new favorite word. Can I borrow it?

Hennessy said...

Another question: what are you doing writing at quarter to 6 in the morning? Did you recently become a collegiate swimmer?

Kishori said...

oh henning, to think that i would actually be up at that time and doing something as productive and active as swimming. turns out my blog was on pacific time setting, which means i wrote this at the unimpressive time of 8:30.

Anonymous said...

You basically just trashed 75% of my wardrobe. Thanks. Will I escape your criticism if I upgrade from Gap to Banana Republic?

Hae-Joon said...

The GAP has showcased a lot of exciting designers but I can also recount a lot of hideous missteps in its recent history. I also cannot get past the idea of Gap clothes as safe and suburban. Obviously I demand an uber-hip lifestyle to be marketed to me along with my clothing, not just the chance to find a few gems on a sad mall rack. HA. Maybe I'm still bitter that I wore those "generously cut" Gap clothes through my awkward phase...

p.s. still one of my favorite commercials!

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