Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pumped for the speech, pumped for the fanfare, pumped for the guacamole I'm going to make. (I'm not sure why I keep correlating these DNC posts with food. But such as it is.)

Will try to post later with some actual thoughts on everything that went down this week, but for now I'll just leave you with links to other people doing the writing:

1. McCain's smart idea for an ad.
Side note: during my subway ride yestreday I wrote down a list of ads I would create if I were running the Obama campaig, (yes, i AM aware that I'm enormously lame) and what McCain is doing is exactly the same as one of those ideas I wrote down. Except, you know, with the candidates switched. Thievery, I tell you!

2. The best convention diary I've found online (from The Economist)
3. Politics: where hyperbole comes to die.

4. Call me an emo schmuck, but this moment last night was swell.

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