Friday, August 8, 2008

built by wendy

Built By Wendy is having a pretty big online sale, and although the prices at 50% off are still not exactly budget friendly to my wallet right now, it doesn't hurt to look. Maybe some of you readers are baller enough to afford something. Some of my favorite items:

Two-tone dress: $146 (orig. $202)

Seersucker Sport Jacket: $136 (orig. $272)

Poplin pencil skirt: $94 (orig. $188)

Black stretch jeans: $135.00


Hae-Joon said...

I live(d) right by the store and visited a few times. Would have bought some grey pants but they were ill-fitting. The stuff is damn cute but sigh, 50% off expensive is still ... expensive. I suppose we must wait for sample sales, or actual paychecks.

Joanna Goddard said...


Hennessy said...

If I had money, I would so totally be in those threads right now. Holler! Also, thanks for the comment. Glum only briefly - hopefully operating at full Henning strength for a while.