Monday, August 25, 2008

asses of all kinds

For a rollicking good time, I strongly recommend getting boozy while watching the Democratic National Convention. Or more specifically, buying a bottle of Jameson whiskey while eating a 6" circle of glistening perfection known as Junior's cheesecake. While the initial excuse for this was Terence's birthday, the focus quickly moved away from him and onto the hilarity of the many awkward speeches of the night. Nancy Pelosi, I love you. But when you tell a long story about being Italian and American and eating Italian food while being American and then abruptly ending it with, "and then a little boy popped out under the table and said, Barack Obama!" it doesn't exactly...inspire. I think I snarfed instead.

The highlights, in my humble opinion, were the ladies of the evening -- Claire McCaskill of Missouri who gave the one feisty speech of the night, and Michelle Obama, who spoke extremely well. She also looked mad good. Not surprising, though -- this woman has got some incredible style:

Tonight: Hillary speaks and the "cathartic" process begins. Thank goodness there's still some whiskey and cake left in the fridge.

P.S. And to the Dems: if someone in some speech soon doesn't give the McCain campaign the swift, hard, ass-kicking they deserve after this, this and this, I will find a way to fly to Denver and have this guy do it for you.


Terence said...

hear are a few things I would like to be discussed at the convention over the next few days

1. John McCain baby eater?

2. John McCain kicker of puppies!

3. Which house is John McCain hiding Jimmy Hoffa's body?

4. Did John McCain sexually abuse a mentally handicapped squirrel?

5. Does John McCain like upper class tax cuts because he's secretly a muslim!?

Terence said...

I would also like to add

1. Does John McCain know that I wrote "hear" instead of "here"? and if he doesnt what does he know?

Elena said...

what? You had a jameson and cheesecake convention party and didn't invite others? What kind of people has Brooklyn made you???????

Sally said...

ooo, i hadnt seen that first outfit. gorgeous.