Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Not Jen Lindley

I've been quite a big Michelle Williams fan ever since Brokeback Mountain. (Dawson's Creek didn't quite do it for me, especially when she so randomly died at the end. Really, WB? Did you really think that show needed to be more morose and weepy than it already was?) So I was happy to see an extremely intersting interview (her first in eight months) in the Times. Some highlights: (Full interview here)

- "Looking ahead to her year off she said that she wanted to pick up a skill, some kind of handicraft. “I want to humble myself in front of a task like embroidery,” she said. “I like how physical work can really free your mind.” At a low point last year she signed up for night classes in bookbinding and calligraphy. “I was prouder of my little foldout book than of some movies that I’ve made,” she said.

- On what she reads during filming: "She...favors poetry over novels while filming so she’s not distracted by competing narratives."

- On her difficult past year: “I think I stopped feeling creative a while ago, and I’m just realizing it now... I used to have all the time in the world to daydream and even just to dream and let your unconscious do some of the work for you,” she said. “Now I’m up at 5 in the morning, and I don’t remember what I dreamed about.”

In any case, between her new Scorcese, Wim Wenders and Kaufman films, she certainly seems to be doing more interesting work than Katie, James or Joshua.

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Sally said...

she looks so much like mia farrow circa rosemary's baby in that photo it's scary.