Monday, September 8, 2008

in other news

Doing my best to avoid the news for the next few days, because if I see one more picture of a certain creationist-loving, book-bannin', earmarks-using, bridge-to-nowhere-(until people noticed)-advocating 'Alaska-is-near-Russia-on-a-map-so-I-clearly-know-how-to-deal-with-North Korea' governor, I JUST might have to kill the next pitbull I see.

But enough of that. Happier thoughts and times prevail because:

Fashion Week Commences!

a) Designers at work: Thakoon (via NYTimes)

b) Lucky's good blog on the favorite items they're seeing

c) and the mother of all fashion week blogs, Cathryn Horn



Sonali said...

hmmm, i think you also forgot "women's-rights-down-the-toilet-stuffin''" :P
also, yay for fashion week!

Sally said...

fashion week was the best and worst week of my life. also i miss you, kushpu. fix that.